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-Existing Vulnerability Skill gems are now Despair gems. Despair curses all targets in an area, making them less resistant to chaos damage, and causing them to take increased damage over time. Cursed enemies also take additional chaos damage when hit. There is a new red skill gem called Vulnerability.


-Your minions (and their minions) will no longer deal or take damage while you are dead.


-Dark Pact no longer gains bonus radius when using your life. The damage bonus from using your life grows less quickly as the gem levels up, dealing 76% more damage at level 20 (down from 95%).


-Detonate Dead now deals spell damage based on the level of the skill gem, in addition to damage based on the corpse's maximum life. The base fire damage dealt by the spell part of the explosion has been significantly increased. The skill now gains additional area of effect radius as it levels, and its base critical chance has been increased from 5% to 6%. The cast time has been lowered to 0.6 seconds (from 0.8).



-Raise Spectre now grants additional accuracy to Spectres based on the level of the gem.


-Bear Trap and Vaal Rain of Arrows now remove all movement speed, as opposed to reducing it by 300%.


Raging Spirits now have a 15% less Added Damage multiplier, up from 30%.


-Summoned Skeletons now have a 50% more added damage multiplier, up from 30% less added damage.


-Raging Spirits, Spiders created from Arakaali's Fang, and the spirit skulls from the Essence of Insanity can no longer taunt their enemies.


-The amount of burning damage dealt by the burning ground created by a Burning Arrow on a character with the Pitch Darkness threshold jewel is now determined by the level of the Burning Arrow skill gem.


-Orb of Storms can now trigger lightning strikes from channelled skills.


-Desecrate: Now creates 5 corpses (up from 3). The cooldown has been reduced to 3 seconds per stack (down from 5), and the cast time has been reduced to 0.8 seconds (down from 1). Desecrate's maximum corpse level now grows more steadily as the skill gem levels up. It can now create higher level corpses at most levels, except level 19 of the gem, in which the maximum corpse level has been lowered from 100 to 81.


-Lightning Tendrils has been reworked. It is now a channelled skill, and deals more damage on every 4th pulse. It has also received a visual overhaul. The new version hits slightly less frequently than previously, but has higher sustained damage overall.



-Minion Life Support now affects Minion Life multiplicatively (it now provides 30% MORE Minion Life rather than 30% increased Minion Life) at level 1 of the gem (up to 49% more life at level 20).


-Dark Pact now counts as being a Minion skill gem, and will thus interact with effects such as the one found on Cloak of Tawm'r Isley.


-Ruthless Support can no longer support Channelled skills.


-Cyclone can no longer be supported by Ruthless Support.


-Iron Will can now support Summon Skeleton and will affect the damage dealt by Skeleton Mages if you are using the Dead Reckoning threshold jewel.


-Arctic Armour's chilling effect now slows enemies by 30% when you are hit (up from 10%).


-Melee attacks supported by Multistrike now more accurately take attack range (including area of effect modifiers) into account when checking for targets for subsequent attacks. This has negatively impacted some skills and positively impacted others, but in general melee skills supported by Multistrike will target monsters that better fit the behaviour of the attack.


-Bladefall's area of effect was wider than intended close to the caster. The area of effect now better matches the area the blades visually land. The total width of Bladefall's area of effect has been increased slightly to compensate for the now-narrower early stages.


-Storm Burst is now correctly modified by factors based on the state of the projectile (such as Powerful Precision's "Projectiles have 100% increase Critical Strike Chance against Targets they Pierce").


-Charged Dash is now limited to a maximum of 15 strikes per skill use, as well as limited by distance travelled.


-Static Strike's radius has been increased from 19 to 20, bringing its total radius to 24 at gem level 20. Static Strike's explosion now correctly applies ailments with 40% less effect. It was previously applying ailments without taking the less-damage modifier into account.


-Ice Crash's radius has been increased from 8 to 9 for the first stage, from 16 to 18 for the second stage, and from 24 to 26 for the third stage.


-Earthquake's radius has been increased from 25 to 28 for the second stage.


-Reave's radius has been increased from 17 to 20, bringing it up to 24 at gem level 20.


-Wither now increases Chaos damage taken by 6% (down from 7%), and stacks up to 15 times (down from 20).


-Vaal Power Siphon's radius has been reduced to 70 units (down from 120).



Vaal Pact has been significantly reworked. It no longer grants instantaneous Life Leech, and instead doubles the rate of your Life Leech as well as your maximum Leech rate. It has been moved into the Duelist's area.


The passive skills behind Mind over Matter now grant 10% increased Mana (down from 12%) on the non-notables, and 30% increased Mana (down from 40%) and 40 added mana (down from 100) on the notable.


The Hematophagy notable now grants 3% of maximum Life per second to Maximum Leech Rate (down from 5%).

核心天赋“吸血”现在增加 +3% 最大生命偷取率。(由5%下调)

The Vitality Void notable now grants 3% of maximum Life per second to Maximum Leech Rate (down from 5%).

核心天赋“活力虚空”现在增加 +3% 最大生命偷取率。(由5%下调)

Passive skills which previously granted increased Melee Physical Damage while holding a Shield now grant increased Physical Attack Damage while holding a Shield (it is no longer restricted to Melee).



Many passive skills which previously only provided defensive bonuses while using a shield now also grant increased physical attack damage and damage with ailments while holding a shield.


Removed one of the passive skills leading to the Ash, Frost and Storm notable (near the Scion).



Slayer: Brutal Fervour no longer grants +10% of maximum Life per second to maximum Life Leech rate.

处刑者:“残暴热情”不再增加 +10% 最大生命偷取率。


Intimidate now causes enemies to take 10% increased Attack Damage (rather than 10% increased Damage).


The experience penalty at very high levels has been increased. This predominantly affects characters at level 95 and above.



- 一个作为裂界的神祕势力正在异界地图上出没着, 散播着腐败并与塑造者争夺掌控权.

- 新增32个异界地图, 包含2张独特地图.

- 新增与裂界者跟他的四个守护者Boss战

- 推出塑者化/裂界化物品. 这些物品只能在塑造者或裂界者领的区域中, 或直接击败塑造者或裂界者获得. 塑者化/裂界者化装备拥有独特的词缀池并且有许多比现有词缀还强的区间(比T1还强,可能同精髓一样,为T0词缀).

-新增任务- 沙之女皇. 在第九章完成风暴飞刃(The Storm Blade)后跟Petarus和Vanja对话来获得此任务. 原先暴风飞刃技能点奖励移至沙之女皇任务. 暴风飞刃奖励改为黄色(稀有)武器.

- 新增48种独特装备

- 新增6种新的命运卡



随着玩家在深渊竞赛的探索,你们也许会发现有一些深渊裂缝,可以从里面进入下面的深渊深处。 当你通过一场惊心动魄的战斗,击败可怕的深渊守卫,你们会发现这些深渊深处充满了惊人的财宝,

如果是在高级地图里探索深渊可能会导致遇到一个深渊巫妖。 这些充满力量的巫妖是相当罕见的,但和他们战斗,你会非常有收获。 击败巫妖是获得独一无二的深渊暗金的唯一途径。

从深渊的怪物和箱子那里可以得到深渊宝石。 像其他宝石一样,这些可以被放置在天赋树里,给予强大的支持。 但是不像其他的珠宝,他们不仅有一套独家新的属性,同时也可以放在你的深渊腰带上! 这些腰带可以在新的深渊暗金物品或者一个新的腰带底材(Stygian Vise)上得到

深渊赛季包括40个全新的挑战。 当你完成12个挑战时,你会收到深渊头盔皮肤。 24个的时候,你会收到深渊之翼。 当你完成你的第36个挑战时,你会收到深渊传送门特效。 记住:这些特效只能在深渊同盟中获得。

同样的,从第19次挑战开始,之后每完成三次新的挑战,你都会收到一张深渊图腾柱的装饰品,以显示在你的藏身处。 图腾柱将会永久性地展示你在这个联盟中完成了多少次深渊挑战。





-狼蛛 掉率变超低

-毕斯寇的项圈 掉率变低




-一堆boss(T17 T16 女王 ......)不再免疫冰冻 但是如果被冰冻boss会以最低速度来活动

-图克玛哈的先锋(SR图腾怪) 的图腾持续时间从10秒降到5秒 而且当插了一根图腾时 更难触发第2根





-地图越难走 怪越多




掉落传说装的预言位置被改动 而且有机会掉落直接6L


等级二: 混乱 (混沌石*2): 地图内含有 3 个额外流亡者, 增加 20% 物品数量

等级三: 血族 (混沌石*3): 魔法怪物拥有血族mod, 地图内含有 25% 更多魔法怪物,增加 20% 物品数量

等级四: 超越 (混沌石*3): 击杀聚集的敌人可能吸引来自超越联盟的怪物,增加 20% 物品数量

等级四: 天佑勇者 (新modFortune Favours the Brave) (混沌石*3): 随机获得地图仪上的一个词坠


等级五: 伏击 (混沌石*4): 地图裡有 3 个额外的保险箱

等级六: 支配 (混沌石*4): 区域内包含额外 3 个 保险箱 神坛

等级七: 精随 (混沌石*5): 区域包含额外 2 个精随

等级八: 裂痕 (混沌石*6): 区域包含额外 2 个裂痕